Steph Connells photo portrait of Siegi

Siegi owns the beach



You might think we’ve included this image of Steph Connell’s award winning work because it was shortlisted for Australia’s National Photographic Portrait Prize this year.

And that would be reason enough.

But we chose to feature it in this issue of SuperConnected for another reason.

And that is the sheer strength inherent in the subject.

Siegi screams strong.

She is active, fit and strides this Queensland beach as though she owns it. (She probably does).

As a celebration of a woman of a certain age, this image has it all.

See it on display, with many other brilliant images, at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, until October 9, or online now.

And those who have an interest in age and ageing will enjoy today’s virtual highlights tour from the comfort of their own homes (bookings necessary).