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Hi, I’m Kaye. Welcome to my site which shares ideas, information and inspiration on the many ways you can stay connected.

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I’ve always learned from other peoples’ stories.

And firmly believe in the power of these stories to share ideas, information and inspiration. Particularly the ways others have tackled challenges or knockbacks, finding new directions and turning points.

Above all else, I am a writer.

Being a writer makes me a ‘connector’ of people who have great insights and energy. Big brains and big hearts I like to call it.

My business background is as founder and publisher of YourLifeChoices website which gave me a 20-year ‘apprenticeship’ in learning the health, money and lifestage drams and concerns of Australian baby boomers.

Along the way I authored two best -selling books for Allen & Unwin – Get a New Life and What Next? Your Career Change Handbook. I contributed freelance articles on money and travel, offered TV and radio commentary and became a podcast host. Seven years as a director of the International Federation on Ageing gave me a solid grounding in ageing demographics. More recently I am proud to me a member of the Steering Committee of the EveryAGE Counts campaign and continue to enjoy writing and consulting on content and strategy in the financial and property sectors.

I also enjoy reaching out to smart and interesting people in order to highlight their work in the monthly SuperConnected enews and in quarterly live events.


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Business Consultancy

During my 20 years as publisher of YourLifeChoices, Australia’s largest baby boomers’ website, I learned a lot from the 250,000 members. Frequent surveys taught me a great deal about older Australians and ageing, retirement, money and relationships.

A few truths cut through:

  • Older Australians are not interested in ‘stepping back’ or seeking a more passive existence. Most declare they still feel like teenagers.
  • Instead, most are seeking ways to enjoy ‘the opposite’ of retirement – the chance to re-engage in a new arena and do something they love.
  • Most baby boomers are far from rich, greedy and hellbent on spending the kids’ inheritance. Most put family first with their savings. But they are increasingly frustrated by an unfair and overly complex retirement income system.

I’m no different. I’m loving the challenge of working with B2B clients who wish to better engage with boomer customers, through the right word, strategy and execution 

StayingConnected is our monthly email update on ideas, innovations and excellence in the arena of ageing demographics. With only one in seven companies prepared for the new age when more than a quarter of the population is over 65, opportunity is knocking. 

What my colleagues are saying

Kaye is a foundational member of EveryAGE Counts, a national coalition to end ageism. Kaye contributes her significant skills and wisdom to our strategic communications and marketing, research, policy positions and engagement with existing and potential supporters. Kaye contributes her rich experience and deep knowledge of older Australians and the issues they face in a constructive, evidence-based ways.
Dr Marlene Krasovitsky
Campaign Director
Kaye is an outstanding leader and advocate for senior Australians. Her understanding of the issues and insights into a wide variety of policy challenges and practical solutions have helped build a vibrant community of well-informed retirees. Kaye brings a mix of empathy and data to creative approaches facing an ageing population. Most importantly, Kaye brings a generosity of spirit and sound values to all her endeavours.
Dr Josh Funder, CEO & MD
Household Capital; Chair, Household Trust


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