Staying Connected

Since 1999, I’ve spent 20-plus years learning what makes people laugh, cry, learn and connect. This knowledge came from my work in digital publishing, but more importantly from the publication by Allen & Unwin of my two books on life planning - the best seller Get a New Life in 2004, and the life stage planner What Next? in 2010.

Common threads emerged as I interviewed for these books. That we all have a strong desire to remain relevant, needed and connected. And most of us, regardless of age, really do not want to be told how to live, but prefer to be inspired by others who are leading interesting and purposeful lives. In short, we prefer to learn by hearing about other people’s life journeys. My passion has always been talking to people to uncover these journeys and what they now know. And to help everyone think about and plan their own next life stage and ways to make it their best ever.

I now get to bring all this wisdom together in this new community-supported hub, STAYING connected, created to share life journeys and insights, and to support those who purchase our retirement income calculators, with clear explanations of the information within.

Our Goal

This year, during a protracted lockdown, I’ve thought a lot about the best way to meet our most important needs beyond our 9-5 working lives. And strikingly, these needs are most often not about the money.

Instead, it’s about how to stay connected in vital ways – to community, family, friends, health, great ideas and other generations.

No one could have guessed the difference a pandemic would make in 2020, but in a post- Covid world, what better way to meet inspiring people and share their great insights on how they stay connected, than via the channels we have now learned to adopt – in regular Zoom webinars, and on-demand podcasts? And in the most fun way possible?

Staying Connected offers you:

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