a fortune teller told me

A Fortune-Teller Told Me

This week I’m (re)reading ‘A Fortune-Teller Told Me’ by Tiziano Terzini, who starts his poetic tale of a year of slow learning through slow travel with this important reminder:

‘The truth is that at fifty-five one has  a strong urge to give one’s life a touch of poetry, to take a fresh look at the world, reread the classics, rediscover that the sun rises, that there is a moon in the sky and that there is more to time than the clock’s tick can tell us. This was my chance, and I could not let it slip.’

And let it slip, he did not. I first read this classic in 2005 and rediscovered it at the weekend, while re-organising bookshelves. So pleased to receive this message from Tiziano and the universe that I can’t ignore.