Good luck to you, Leo Grande: it’s not about the sex



This is not a film about sex. It’s a film about honesty. About our needs, our failures, our oversights and our bodies. The lies we have told and the ones we can still retract.

So if you’re heading off to see Good luck to you, Leo Grande to see Dame Emma Thompson get her gear off or maybe some older lady sexy stuff, that’s fine. There’s a bit of that.

But more to the point, this is a film that will provoke you to think more about honesty – your own and other people’s.  And courage. And self-confidence.

It’s this thread that runs through Good luck to you, Leo Grande, looping forward and back as two people in a hotel room confront their current desires, future needs and past failures.

There are some frank sex scenes, sure.

But more so, it’s about what we crave today and how honouring this knowledge can be a foundation for our future selves.

At its heart this movie is a story of courage and self-confidence and how we find courage when we have no confidence at all.

Much has been written about Emma Thompson’s courage in revealing her non-airbrushed 60-something body. Yes, in the current age of Insta perfect bodies, this is a big deal.

But more importantly, I believe it is the vulnerability she brings to the role of Nancy that is the most revealing.

Bravo to her for reminding us that we are all flawed but still somehow manage to press on. And that seeking that something indefinable, but needed, is the only way to survive.

And Daryl McCormack as Leo? Yes, he’s drop-dead gorgeous. The camera simply can’t get enough of him. But again that’s not the point – it’s thanks to him that we are reminded that someone’s intellect can be an equally potent aphrodisiac. Good luck to you, Leo Grande is a lovely film – go and see it to reaffirm your faith in human nature