Steph Connells photo portrait of Siegi

Siegi owns the beach

Steph Connell's award-wining photo portrait of Siegi screams strong
Dr Marlene Krasovitsky EveryAGECounts campaign

Dr Marlene Krasovitsky

Unpacking the essential conditions of positive ageing - and then helping society create them is a big job. Happily, Marlene Krasovitsky is up for it.

New ways of seeing:

Will older workers fill the gaps created by the so-called 'Great Retirement"? Author Bradley Schurman sees opportunities for all in this demographic shift.

A new way to fund retirement

Academic Katja Hanewald and entreprenuer Josh Funder might be an unlikely combination when it comes to shaping retirement policy. So what brings them together?

Breaking isolation: the human benefits of technology

Colin Pudsey's mission is not to entertain. Far from it. Instead he's out to dismantle loneliness and isolation for older people, everywhere.